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Donald MacKay is our Local Shore Officer  



Email: donald.mackay2@strathclyde.pnn.police.uk

To contact Cowal Community Policing Team call  100


Doorstep crime 


Doorstep crime remains the top national priority for trading standards in Scotland.  It is carried out by cruel, unscrupulous and organised criminal groups who deliberately prey on the most vulnerable in society, predominantly the elderly population. Doorstep criminals are mobile and often work cross border with many perpetrators being well known across different council areas.  Winter can be a particularly opportunistic time for doorstep criminals with the bad weather which can damage property.  Criminals draw on this to instil fear into their victims that if they don’t sort out the damage now, it could cost much more in the future.        

The joint Trading Standards Scotland and Police Scotlandcampaign launched today, Tuesday 25 February, and urges victims, potential victims and their families and friends to call their local trading standards service immediately if they have suspicions about someone who has come to their door.

As part of our campaign, we are recommending that consumers consider the following advice

Don’t feel pressurised into agreeing to immediate work.  Never listen to scare stories, beware of traders who suddenly appear after storms or floods and of claims that a low price is only available if you sign up right away.
Don’t agree to buy from the first person who calls.  Ask yourself if you really want these goods or services.
Don’t pay cash up front.  Never pay for work before it is completed and don’t hand over large sums of money.
Do shop around if you decide you need work done.  Get a minimum of three quotes from reputable traders and get recommendations from people you trust.
Do ask what your cancellation rights are.  Remember for jobs costing over £35, traders are required to provide the consumer with a written notice informing them they have a seven day cooling off period during which they can change their mind and cancel the contract.
Do REPORT THEM!  Don’t ever feel embarrassed if you feel you have been the victim of doorstep crime.  If you are in any way unsure about a caller at your door, contact Trading Standards or the Police immediately.

Click here to download the campaign flyers. 

Please share this information as widely as you can.  By working together, we can beat doorstep crime.





The Police have warned us of a telephone scam, where you are offered a service to reclaim any PPI insurance on your behalf. This is bogus and should be reported to the Police immediately.

Residents Should be extremely vigilant about ensuring doors are locked, as there have apparently been two opportunist break ins in the area.

Police are warning of a lottery scam which asks people to send on their bank details in order for them to receive their cash.

Police Scotland said there have been a number of reports from residents in St Andrews, Dunoon and Dunblane.

A spokesman said an investigation was under way.

"We would remind everyone that they should never give out any personal information, including bank details, to any unknown agency," he said.

"While the letters may appear official, it is important to validate any such communication, and seek further assurances that the firms involved exist and are aware of the letter.


Emergency only – 999.
Urgent non emergency – 101 OR 01369 763000.
Cowal Community Police – 01369 763060.
Dunoon Community Police – 01369 763040 



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