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West Coast Motors

Graham from West Coast Motors has indicated some assistance to communities can be provided with drivers dropping off prescriptions or messages if required so please contact him direct on the email below




A Messaage from the Convenor of KCC Brian Tester


Good morning, good people.

Considering the amount of information we are all receiving from agencias, suppliers and friends relating to our current situation, I will keep this note as brief as I can. One question asked was “has KCC organised anything for helping the community through the coming weeks as Ardentinny and Sandbank have done” The answer to that question is “Yes, we have!!”

As you will know, we are members of the CAUCUS for our local Community Councils, and this should be the medium whereby information and dialogue such as our conjoined approach is discussed. However, we have received no information or contact from our CAUCUS whatsoever, so as a result, all of the CC’s therein are ‘going their own way’ in their approach to assistance in our Community as a result of the Covid -19 outbreak. As our Community Council is a legally mandated body, rather than ‘go it alone’, Kilmun Community Council have taken advice from our Governing Body at Argyll & Bute Council throughout and followed their advice completely.  As well as this, Janet, our Secretary, has ensured that every piece of information that we have received from our Governance Officer has been promptly circulated throughout our Committee, and via the considerable email address book that Janet has been constantly working on throughout the outbreak. Our Committee members and others in receipt of that information have passed it to every member of the Community they are able to.

 In addition to this, we liaised with our local surgery at the outset. We are provided with up-to-date information from them, and once again, Janet passes that via her network.  The surgery had already arranged for prescription delivery, so every patient who has a specific need for that service is being assisted on a person-to-person basis by our Surgery.  If any urgent prescriptions are needed to be delivered, I am undertaking that role under the current medical advice provided by the Surgery (mask, gloves etc), and only at the request of our Surgery, Riverbank in Kilmun, as they are aware of the needs of their individual patients  I have also offered to undertake to carry out such minor vehicular repairs as I am able, to staff at our Surgery, to enable them to undertake their role in helping our Community and continuing the run our Surgery.  Before this email is circulated, all Committee members will be asked to contribute to this missive, to ensure that all relevant information is circulated.  I will also ask Janet, as our Secretary, to add any information that I have omitted.

It is important to add that notwithstanding our local initiatives, only information and medical advice provided by official agencies will be circulated by KCC. we must follow official guidelines to ensure the continued health and safety of each & every one of us.

 So, in conclusion, I would say that as a linear Community, I would like to think that EVERY member of our Community will have been in some sort of contact with every other member of our Community from the outset of our current problems.  Whilst I would not vindicate person-to-person contact (in line with our current medical and isolation advice), I would hope that each and every one of us is ensuring that our friends and neighbours are NOT in need of anything, and that each and every one of us is supporting any vulnerable person as well as we can. As a close Community, every one of us should be supporting each other, so that NO person is left feeling alone or isolated, so this is not up to KCC to arrange…it should already be in place with each and every one of us. Finally, as Janet published yesterday, our Governance Officer has now published a single contact for residents of Argyll & Bute, to contact with ANY request or information during this crisis. That phone number is 01546 605524, and the web link is  Coronavirus Caring for People Helpline



By using this one point of contact, A&BC are able to collate vital information, and ensure that the best resource is utilised.

Thank you, keep well, and please, please, don’t put yourself in danger of catching this virus. Only follow medical, isolation and behavioural advice that is provided by Her Majesty’s Government, Holyrood or your NHS professional.

 Best wishes

 Brian T


Kilmun Community Council

Another member of our committee has also pointed out that KCC because of its nature, would find it difficult to create a 'local' response because of the large geographical area that we cover.

We have four villages as such, each with their independent ways, and several other communities such as Coylet, Deer Park and Ballochyle, Rashfield and Uig

To set up any personal scheme covering the whole area, would be nearly impossible.

Instead, our response has been centred around the Doctors surgery and around promoting the latest official information on the website. In the past 7 days, there have been 147 hits on the pages dealing with the coronavirus including the pages of BVT and Loch n Glen.

Through the KCC network, we know there are several people including the committee willing to help others in the community.

We had considering setting up a welfare scheme using AB&C funds but had been told that our grant was for Admin purposes only.

We have publicised other local schemes, which offer more personal support, as in BVTs response and that of the Churches


This has been posted by Argyll and Bute on March 27 2020

Today the Council is launching a single helpline number for citizens to contact the council and other partnership agencies with needs arising from the current coronavirus situation. 


The helpline number will be operated during normal business hours

 01546 605524. 

Queries that will be addressed include Financial, Business, Health, Education, Registration and Social & Homecare Needs. Individuals can also use the helpline to volunteer. 

For more information please see - 


To supplement the phone number there are also webforms allowing individuals to volunteer and to log their Social and Homecare needs 24/7.




You may wish to access the latest information, both nationally and locally from the following sites.

Local information


Latest Scottish Government -  https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/

Latest UK information - https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

Scottish Government guidance for events of over 500 - https://www.gov.scot/news/large-gathering-guidance/

NHS Information Guidance - https://www.nhsinform.scot/coronavirus

Business Support Guide - https://news.gov.scot/news/gbp-320-million-package-of-support-for-businesses


N.B. For more local support information, including contact numbers, Please visit the Blairmore Village Trust page. The Loch 'n' Glen advice page has been pasted there.

The latest edition of Loch 'n' Glen has been placed on their own Loch 'n' Glen page.



COVID-19.   Important links to NHS Inform website

( If the direct link fails, please cut and paste the https:// address directly into your search box)

The following information has been circulated on behalf of the Police Scotland Prevention, Intervention and Partnerships Divisional Coordination Unit, E Division but is relevant to all communities across Scotland.

The following links are to materials available on NHS Inform website.
Please circulate this as widely as you can to enable us to reach as many people as possible with this vital information. There is translated information regarding COVID-19 provided in Arabic, Cantonese, Farsi, Kurdish (Sorani), Mandarin, Polish, Tigrinya and Vietnamese. The information is also provided in BSL (Youtube video) and in Easy Read English (suitable for children and for people with learning difficulties).
If you look under Download translated versions of our COVID-19 posters (ZIP, 27MB) half way down the page you will find the translated files
BSL videos are available at https://www.nhsinform.scot/translations/languages/british-sign-language-bsl/illnesses-and-conditions/coronavirus-covid-19
Easy Read documents are available at
For latest news re COVID-19 relative to Police Scotland go to link

Message Sent By
Willie Clark (NHWN, NWS Co - ordinator, NW Scotland)



We write as your local GPs to ask for your URGENT help and understanding and we need to be blunt.  
Covid19 is now here in Cowal and could spread rapidly. You MUST follow the government’s advice - it is not scaremongering and is the bare minimum we need to do. You can be carrying the virus and not know it. Do not change your behaviour to avoid being infected assume you are infected and change your behaviour to avoid transmitting. If we all do this, less people will die. 
The main symptoms are a temperature and/or a new cough. For most it will be like a head cold (runny nose, sore throat, cough, no sense of taste) or mild flu (fever, cough, aches and pains, lethargy, diarrhoea, mild shortness of breath and cough). If you have these then: 
 - Go to the NHS Inform website if you want information where you can self diagnose and get an off work certificate. This site also tells you about self isolation rules. You can also get general information on 0800 028 2816. Do not call your GP for a sick note 
 - Only if your symptoms are worsening , you have worsening breathlessness or your fever hasn’t gone after 7 days call NHS24 on 111.  
 - If they cannot answer all your questions they will say call your GP. We NEED you to follow this process, as we don’t have time to speak to everyone with mild symptoms. If you have been through the website and your symptoms later worsen then do call 111 or us.  Some may have chest tightness or struggling to breathe – these are the patients we need to call 111 or the surgery. If you feel it is an emergency dial 999 
We have had to make changes to our practice access to protect you and us. We have all stopped you being able to walk into the practice at random; we know this is annoying but we need to reduce spread of the coronavirus. There are also medication delays, please do not over order or hoard medicines and allow more time for your repeat medicines. We will assess you if you have another urgent problem but we need to speak to you on the phone first to organise a safe time and way to see you. Please be patient with our staff. 
We will always do our best for you and these are not normal times so you can help us by following this advice. 
Drs Aquilina, Briscoe, Chant, Coull, Hallum, Macbeth, MacGregor, McGonagle, Saleem, Tittmar, von Kaehne



British Red Cross Do Not Offer Coronavirus Tests

Following a number of calls to the office today with regards coverage on social media about criminals masquerading as being from the Red Cross and offering coronavirus tests. The Red Cross do not participate in this activity. Below is the official statement from the Red Cross.

'The Red Cross are aware of reports on social media of people claiming to be Red Cross volunteers and purporting to offer coronavirus tests, and have reported the matter to the police.

We would like to make it clear that the Red Cross is not conducting coronavirus tests in Northern Ireland or anywhere else in the UK.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from the Red Cross, please ask to see identification and, of you have any concerns, contact the police.'

If you are approached or are aware of this activity going on in your area contact Police Scotland Tel 101 or 999 if you feel you are in danger.


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